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David serves with Ekklesia of Texas providing teaching, pastoral care, and coaching. He specializes in helping clients restart their joy in God through deploying Christ-centered emotional healing. David has found Soul Shepherding resources valuable as part of a unique approach to coaching he developed called ETA Coaching. This approach involves helping clients connect emotions, thinking, and virtuous action as part of an overall strategy for growth. 

After reading through Journey of the Soul, David found the CHRIST Stages gave him hope and the tools to work through his struggles at the wall of burnout. Using many of the contemplative exercises offered through Soul Shepherding, the Lord reinvigorated his inner journey, increased his joy, and restored his happiness in serving God and others.

David holds certified coaching credentials from Solid Pastors, Deeper Walk, the Board of Mental Health Coaching, and the International Christian Coaching Institute. His doctorate of ministry research focused on how God uses joy to bring spiritual transformation. 

His forty years of business and non-profit work has earned him the reputation as a tireless worker to help others improve their lives. Considered an innovator and reformer, David sees every connection as a God-inspired opportunity to learn and grow. Later in life, he discovered how God intends for love and joy to be a primary means for spiritual well-being. He uses these life experiences and grace gifts from the Lord to help others on their journey. In 2019 he launched the Joy Restart Project (www.joyrestart.com) as a service to local churches seeking more joyful congregations. 

David resides in Austin and Houston, serving central and coastal Texas churches and communities.


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