Allison serves with Soul Shepherding as a Spiritual Director and loves her role as a spiritual friend and companion. She worked overseas as a missionary and served on a church staff for more than 25 years. She currently serves as a “stay-at-home” prayer partner. 

Allison completed her spiritual direction training with Selah (Leadership Transformations International), a program that focuses on contemplative, Trinitarian, and Biblical core values. She has received specialized training in prayer, spiritual formation, contemplative practices, and has recently completed a two-year course with the Soul Care Institute.

Allison was introduced to Soul Shepherding through her spiritual direction and soul care training. More recently, she participated in a leaders conference that Bill and Kristi led at her local church.  They impressed on her the great value of being rooted in your Belovedness in God and the importance of caring for the deep well of your soul and not just your mind. 

She delights in walking with people on their unique paths as God meets each of us in ways that draw us away from burnout or performance and into new ways of receiving His embrace.

Allison lives in Waco, Texas and enjoys reading and movies, savors deep quiet, lively friends and getting to process events, emotions, and the internal work of the Spirit with old and new friends alike.