Listen now to Lectio Divina:

To meaningfully connect with the Word of God is to integrate the authoritative, inspired text of the Bible with the personal text of our lives. This means taking Scripture into our life in such a way that we listen to God and venture out with our confidence in him in all that we do.

Jesus’ vision for us as teachers of the Word goes far beyond good exegesis or being a dynamic speaker — he challenges us to live into his words and work them into our lives. Then as we minster to people we can be like the owner of a general store who offers to them  treasures old and new from the storehouse of their own lived experience in God’s kingdom (Matthew 13:52, MSG).

This workshop includes a Lectio Divina meditation on Matthew 8:5-13.

Digging Deeper in God’s Word is a new Lectio Divina resource from Soul Shepherding to revitalize your personal devotions in the Bible and your small group! The online course features seven videos of about 10 to 20 minutes. It also includes handouts and a small group leader’s guide. It’s easy to use and inexpensive!