A Prayer for Counselors and Abused Women

Kristi and I are privileged to pray for pastors and counselors. We are honored to participate with Jesus in their ministry and to do what we can to help them not to burn out, but to remain strong in God’s grace in the difficult work of ministry.

Pastor Joe Johnson is one of our friends and ministry partners that we are blessed to pray for. As part of his “Heart of the Father” ministry he offers healing prayer to those who have been broken or are struggling emotionally. Recently, “Papa Joe” reminded me of a prayer I offered for him and a team of healing prayer counselors and intercessors that he was working with to help them in their ministry to women and girls who have been sexually abused or exploited.

You Can Shine the Light of Jesus’ Love

Whether you are a pastor, counselor, small group leader, parent, or simply a servant of the Lord you are Christ’s Ambassador, called to minister the message of God’s reconciliation to the people around you (2 Corinthians 5:20). The Lord Jesus Christ says to you, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). If you don’t shine the light of Christ in your circle of influence it’ll be dark there — especially for those who have been abused or mistreated in some way.

Often the only way that the broken-hearted can learn to trust that the heart of God is kind is if you or I offer compassion in Jesus’ name. The most important way we can care for those who have been abused or anyone is to pray for them.

Previously I published “A Prayer for Pastors (And Anyone who Ministers to Others).” In that spirit this prayer for counselors is for all of Christ’s Ambassadors who minister to the wounded and it is also for the women and girls who have been mistreated…

A Prayer for Counselors

Dear Father, Lord God of Angel Armies, you are glorious, awesome and all powerful. You are the one who has called us as comrades into this battle of prayer for the healing and deliverance of these women who have been abused. Jesus, Wonderful Counselor, Deliverer, and Risen One who has defeated Satan, you are at our side giving wisdom, power, and grace by the Holy Spirit that you have breathed into us. Thank you also Lord for your angels who are assisting us.

We rely on you, Lord, to fortify us counselors, pastors, and intercessors with all that we need to serve you well and to minister your freedom to these women who have been sold into sex slavery or abused in some other way. We humble ourselves before you Yahweh. Be a shied around us as we do battle for the hearts of these women who are precious to you. Give us supernatural knowledge. Show your strong arm of deliverance. Minister your compassion and healing. May the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified as we your servants care for the abused.

O Lord, we cry out to you! Restore your daughters to the dignity they were created for. They have been beaten, broken, abused, and discarded. Dear Father, lift them up in your loving arms. Lord Jesus, purify your bride. Holy Spirit, come in love and power to release each one from shame and fear. Lord God, cause your church to flow with your Living Waters to all within reach who are thirsty.

Thank you Lord that you hear the prayers of your people. You are moving already in the spiritual realm to defeat Satan and all evil. Your kingdom is advancing. Your counselors are strong in your grace. Your daughters are free and smiling in your care. Your bride Jesus is being made ready for you — she shines beautifully as she reflects your love! Hallelujah! The Lord is victorious!

In Jesus’ name and by the power of the Holy Spirit we trust you, our Abba Father, and rejoice in your love now and forever. Amen.


For healing prayer or pastoral counseling you can contact “Papa Joe” by e-mail or Facebook.


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