Become a Certified Spiritual Director

Soul Shepherding’s Spiritual Direction Certificate Training is a 2-year program led by Dr’s Bill & Kristi Gaultiere. It features the 4 Soul Shepherding Institute retreats and monthly online classes or groups for mentoring and supervision. You’ll learn how to bring spiritual direction ministry into your current ministry role or a new ministry as a Spiritual Director or soul care coach. It’s great for pastors, missionaries, and others.

Program Benefits

  • Training from Bill & Kristi and other certified Sr. Spiritual Directors with Soul Shepherding
  • Learn through personal experience 
  • Receive support from your supervisor and peers 
  • Can be done 100% online
  • Meets the guidelines of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors’ Association (ESDA)
  • Eligible to apply for listing as a Sr. Spiritual Director in the Soul Shepherding Network and ESDA
  • Less than 20% of the cost and time of seminary programs

What’s included in the certificate program?

Institute Retreats in a community of about 25 men and women in ministry (in person or on Zoom).

Online Classes and supervision groups in spiritual direction ministry (90-minutes each month).


Practicum experiences to practice spiritual direction ministry and receive support from your supervisor and peers. 


12 or more meetings with one of Soul Shepherding’s Sr. Spiritual Directors.

The Spiritual Direction certificate program also includes 14 assigned books to read/review (from the Soul Shepherding reading list that informed the curriculum), and 5 reflection papers, and 1 individual supervision meeting (with the option to add more).

We provide you with a Certificate Completion Planner that makes it easy for you to track your progress and earn your certificate.

What people are saying....

"Here’s a place where I can go and actually have my needs met. I started to experience a friendship and fellowship with other spiritual leaders and that was so, so helpful for me."

Dave Rimoldi
Sr. Spiritual Director

“I wish every pastor and ministry leader in the country could benefit from Bill’s ministry!"

Bobby and Hannah Schuller
Pastors, Shepherd’s Grove Church & The Hour of Power

"Soul Shepherding is so powerful [and shows us] this other side of developing the leadership of our heart and our soul… That’s the part that I’ve been missing. That’s the part that makes leadership flourish."

David Larson
Lead Pastor, New Life Christian Center


Starts March 1st each year.

* Registrations remain open through July for late start.

** All 4 Soul Shepherding Institute retreats need to be completed to earn a certificate.


$299 per month for 24 months. 

* Additional costs for spiritual direction sessions, books, and private room on retreats.

** Pastors and missionaries can apply for scholarship assistance.