Rest: Sabbath Makes a Church Successful

If your church isn’t growing numerically or in spiritual depth or if it has been torn apart by conflict a major reason may be the neglect of Sabbath. It’s through continual Sabbath rest that we learn to trust God, waiting on his leadership and joining his work — rather than trying to control people and…

Rest: The Other Side of Boredom

“I’m busy all the time,” a pastor told me. “And I love it!” But a few years later he blew out and lost his church. Then he let me inside the world of his soul. “Growing my church was like a drug,” he confessed. “I miss being the one in charge and on stage. I…

A Retreat With Brennan Manning

If I could have anyone lead me on a spiritual retreat with Jesus it’d be Brennan Manning. I wish I could do that and invite you to join me, but he died in 2013. But we can imagine what it’d be like to have Brennan guide us on retreat. That’s what we’ll do in this…

Burned Out and Beaten Up Pastors

Dave Rimoldi’s Story “I felt so burned out before our meetings,” a pastor recalled to Dave. “The hectic pace of church ministry had drained me dry. I was day dreaming about becoming a barista at Starbucks!” “Now I’m excited to preach again and to serve the people in my church. I’ve learned a new pace…

Ignatian Meditation Guides

Ignatian meditation is the most used method for Scripture meditation around the world. It was developed in the 16th Century by Ignatius of Loyola and used in his famous Spiritual Exercises, which Kristi and I completed on a thirty-day Sabbatical in 2015 under the spiritual direction of Tom Ashbrook, founder of Imago Christi. At the heart of The…

Restore My Soul for Advent

Each year during the Advent season I pick a character from the nativity scene to spend some time reading about in scripture while praying and listening to the Lord.

Prevent Burnout: Renew Your Life in Christ

Burnout is a huge problem for pastors and leaders. The way to prevent burnout is to draw life from God, not our own self. Then God overflows from our life, to our good works, to our ministry, to our job. We burnout when we rely on our own strength and abilities and give too much to our job and ministry.

Sacred Pathways Survey

This Sacred Pathways Survey will help you to understand the ways you best connect with God and how you can grow spiritually. Nine paths are explained.

Eileen Needed a Fresh Touch from God

We all long for a fresh touch of God in our souls. Often it comes when we hear someone share vulnerably about a personal struggle that we relate with and then we see how God showed up in that person’s life. Immediately we feel hope! Yes, Lord Jesus, I yearn to connect with you like…

Lectio Divina Guides

Our Lectio Divina Guides are one page handouts using key Bible passages. They’re free, easy to use, and great for devotions, small groups, and retreats.