Letting Grace Warm Your Heart

The most important thing about our life, relationships, work, and ministry is having our heart warm with God’s love. Without this, we become tired, discouraged, and see little fruit.

Imagining Yourself In a Gospel Adventure

Ignatius’ ancient approach of visualizing ourselves in a Gospel story helps us to actually experience and feel God’s grace — and then to live it out in our work and ministry.

Resting in God’s Grace

Grace comes to nourish and empower us as we pray Jesus’ cross prayer of abandonment, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

Helping Jesus Helps Us

In pain it’s tempting to isolate and feel sorry for ourselves, but on his crosswalk Jesus shows us the way into the graces of companionship and kindness.

Delighting in the Streams of God

Join us as we drink in from the happy river of Psalm 46! We can bring our stress, family conflict, loneliness, or busyness into the loving presence of God and find refuge.

Faith and Feelings

Often we try to fix our feelings with good advice or cheery reassurance. The truth and grace of the Bible brings comfort and help to troubled emotions.

“I Am Pleased With You!”

Bill and Kristi talk about what it’s like to receive and trust God’s loving affirmation and to fight off Satan’s accusations.

A Storm of Emotions

Bill has an emotional day and for someone who has historically been a strong thinker and an active do-er this is news! Kristi talks with him about when he used to repress his emotions versus feeling and expressing them now. The benefits are greater friendship and peace.

Good Enough

In this episode Bill shares that despite an abundance of positive feedback in response to the recent launch of this “Soul Talks” podcast he has battled with releasing “imperfect” episodes. Kristi also shares about her issues with perfectionism. They invite you to join them in relying on God’s grace!