Ministries for Pastors and Leaders

Jesus Christ is the Soul Shepherd and we (Bill & Kristi Gaultiere) assist him in his ministry to pastors, pastors’ wives, and other ministry leaders and caregivers. We also train others who then serve as our affiliates.  How can we help you and your ministry?

Personal Soul Shepherding

Bill Soul-Talk at LakeBill talking with a pastor

Pastors (and other ministry leaders) who don’t have their own pastor or counselor to turn to for care and guidance are in danger of burning out or slipping into a moral failure.

We’ve been providing Christ-centered psychotherapy to ministry leaders since 1986. We also offer spiritual direction and soul care. Whether in our office, sitting at a coffee shop, or walking on a trail we elevate conversations into opportunities for spiritual formation in Christ.

Under “Christian Soul Care” (our psychotherapy practice for the public) each of us also help a few people a week who are not ministry leaders.

Soul Care Groups

Kristi Leading Soul Care GroupKristi caring for a group of ministry leaders

70% of pastors say they do not have a close friend. 80% of pastors’ wives say they feel unappreciated and left out by church members. But we have a community of ministry leaders ready to welcome you!

Our Soul Care Groups offer a safe, confidential place for you to talk about how things are really going in your life and ministry. Your leader will minister to you with a time of Scripture meditation, quiet reflection, and soul talk. Currently we (Bill, Kristi, and CIFT counselors we’ve trained) have groups for men in ministry and women in ministry meeting throughout Orange County, CA in Irvine, Orange, Los Alamitos, and Brea. All groups are free!

All our Soul Care Group Experiences are available for you to use in your small group for free!

Day Retreats

Bill on retreatBill enjoying solitude and silence with Jesus

In ministry and caregiving we’re prone to do too much, move too fast, and try too hard to make people happy. But our most effective work and caring come from responding to Jesus’ invitation: “Come to me… and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

In our “Still Waters” day retreats we guide you in Scripture meditation, reflective prayer, solitude and silence, and individual or group spiritual direction to help you experience the spiritual renewal and transformation in Christlikeness that enable fruitful ministry. (See our list of events.) Contact us if you’d like us to customize a retreat for your small group, organization, or staff team. Or we’re happy to share these free Retreat Resources for you to design your own retreat.

TLC Training Retreats

TLC Retreat GroupA TLC retreat group enjoying a meal

Large leadership conferences, fun retreats, and academic training programs often aren’t effective at shepherding the souls of pastors and leaders. In our TLC (“To Love Christ!”) retreats we personally mentor a small group of ministry leaders to help them unhook from the stress and demands of their ministries and daily lives. By listening to you and caring for your soul we show you how to make more space to hear God’s voice, be renewed spiritually, and engage in soul training activities that will transform your life and ministry.

TLC is a two-year training program that features four retreats of five days and individual spiritual mentoring. Participants have the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Ministry. (For more information see “TLC Retreats for Pastors and Leaders” and “TLC Retreat Pictures.”)


Bill consulting with BCM staffBill training a leadership team

The cultural way of growing your church or organization is to “make it happen” and get people to buy whatever you’re selling. Jesus’ way of growth is to become so full of God — his love, wisdom, and power, his very life — that people keep pressing in to get close. The culture’s way to success is quick, but short-lived. Jesus’ way is slow, but eternal.

We help ministry leaders follow Jesus’ life-giving way in which ministry growth follows personal growth and power comes from character. They learn to discern God’s guidance, unite their staff around God’s vision for the organization, and expand their ministry. Others follow God’s call to start new ministries.

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