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Spiritual Disciplines

This Spiritual Disciplines List features some main disciplines for the spiritual life in Christ with concise definitions and Biblical examples for each. A discipline is something we can do that enables us to do what we haven’t yet been able to do by direct effort. Disciplines don’t set aside our need for grace nor do they earn us anything — they simply are means to help us be with Jesus to become like him.  View Spiritual Disciplines List →

Psalm Prayers

David Singing Psalms with Harp

Here is an archive of meditations, prayer poems, short abiding prayers, inspiring pictures, journal entries, and intercessions for others from My Psalms Prayer Book, Bill’s unpublished book. Each selection is indexed to its corresponding Psalm from the Bible. These short posts will help you to engage your heart in praying the Psalms with Jesus!  View Psalm Prayers →

Lectio Divina Guides

Group Lectio Divina

For many centuries God has used Lectio Divina to help people open their hearts to Christ and one another through the Word of God. Each of these one-page handouts features a key Bible passage with an easy, step-by-step process for meditating on that passage using focus questions, silent reflection, and journaling. Also included are a brief introduction and abiding prayer related to the text. These guides are designed for small groups but also work well for private devotions.  View Lectio Divina Guides →

Breath Prayers From the Bible

Christ on Mountain

Here are some beloved Bible verses you can use as Breath Prayers. This ancient Christian practice is a way of using your body to engage your mind and heart to abide in God’s Word. A Breath Prayer rhythm is simple: Breathe in slow and deep as you whisper or think on a Bible phrase and hold your breath… Then exhale. It’s that easy. With practice it has powerful effects to cause us to be ruled by the peace of Christ!  View Breath Prayers →

“Electric” Scripture Memory Passages

Hearing God's Voice

All of the Bible is inspired by God and authoritative to guide our lives under the Lordship of Christ. But some passages are especially electric! It is much more transformational to memorize whole chapters (or large sections) of the Bible rather than just individual verses. The Holy Spirit can use these powerful passages to renew your mind, heal your heart, and form you more into the image of Christ so that you can become the kind of people who consistently loves the people around you. (Don’t be intimidated! With practice you can build your memorizing muscles!)  View Scripture Passages →