A Day Retreat For Pastors

Led By Bill & Kristi Gaultiere

Kristi and I are inviting all the pastors, pastors’ wives, and leaders that we care for in Soul Shepherding Groups or one-on-one to come to our house in Irvine, CA for a day of slowing down, tuning into the delightful presence of Christ, and being renewed for ministry. Other men and women in ministry who are interested can also contact us.

We’ll be your spiritual directors for this day, assisting Jesus’ ministry to you — and through you to people in your church or circle of influence.

We’ll begin in a time of Scripture meditation and prayer.  Then Kristi and I will guide you into over three hours of private “TLC Time” (TLC stands for “To Love Christ!”) to help you release your burdens and refresh. Our house and garden are spacious. Walking trails and two lakes are nearby. We’ll finish with a time of sharing and prayer in small groups.

The Spirit of Jesus will meet you in your area of greatest need. You’ll be encouraged and empowered for your ministry!

There is no cost. Donations from you or your organization are appreciated and needed.

Space is limited. Contact us to RSVP or if you have questions!


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