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The touch of God gives life to the soul

Stories, meditations, and experiences to invite God’s touch in your soul. These 1-2 page devotionals will inspire you to connect more deeply with Jesus Christ and to live as his apprentice in the Kingdom of God. You can sign up to receive these free devotionals in your e-mail about twice per week. View all Devotionals →

Bible Studies

Scripture meditation and lectio divina

When we study the Bible it’s life-giving words renew our minds and heal our hearts. Each of these Bible studies are on special topics related to overcoming personal problems or sins and being formed to become more like Jesus. View all Bible Studies →

In Depth Articles

Bill at Ghost Ranch

We offer articles (3 + pages) based on many of our seminars and classes for ministry leaders, counselors, and seminary students. This category also features excerpts from spiritual formation and soul care oriented books. All our articles are free! View all In Depth Articles →


Self Assessment Test

Understanding yourself is crucial to your growth in Christ and the health of your soul and relationships. These self-report tests are easy to take and score and are especially helpful when used as part of a process of counseling or spiritual direction. View all Self-Assessments →

Audio Messages

Kristi Gaultiere Speaking

Our Soul Shepherding seminars, classes, and sermons feature inspiring personal stories, practical examples, question and answer, and guided experiences to help you engage with Jesus. View all Audio Message descriptions →