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This past year, I spent some time looking at my life story working with some spiritual direction maps and then sharing them with a spiritual friend. It became glaringly obvious to me, as I looked at my story throughout the first couple decades of my life that the longings behind many of the activities and accomplishments of my life were fueled by a longing to be seen, to be heard, to be known.

Jesus Sees Us

It’s only natural that we have this longing. We see it early on in life. Have you have ever watched a young baby watch people in a room and seen their response when someone connects with them? They light up and smile and become excited and alive. It seems they are just looking to be seen, to be acknowledged, drawing life from that.

It is the same for us. We long to be seen, to be heard and sometimes we go about trying to fulfill that longing in unhealthy ways. Ways that even cause us to give into temptation, to sin! How grateful I am to know that Jesus sees me.

I relate to Bartimaeus, the unseen one, who wanted to be seen and heard so badly that he called out to Jesus, “Jesus! Son of God have mercy on me a sinner! Jesus!” he continued to call out, maybe he was thinking, “Jesus, see me! Jesus, hear me! Jesus, open my eyes so I can see that you see me!” I share that longing.

So many of the pastor’s wives that I listen to, long to be seen, to be heard, to be known. They often feel like a wallflower, their husbands are seen, heard and known and but are they?

His Ambassadors

Yes, Jesus sees them. He sees me. He sees you. As we allow Him to open our eyes to His loving seeing of us, His eyes that see into the very depths of our soul, this one who knows us intimately, as we receive from him his loving smile and delight in us and respond to that, he then can also use us as his ambassador to help others to be seen and heard by Him, through us.

Yes, Lord Jesus thank you that you are Emmanuel, God with us. You are the one who sees into my soul. Thank you for the privilege of being used by you as your ambassador to see others as you do and acknowledge their great value and worth in your eyes.

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